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 Owh my god! Better be careful out there

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Owh my god! Better be careful out there Empty
PostSubject: Owh my god! Better be careful out there   Owh my god! Better be careful out there Icon_minitimeTue Jun 17, 2008 10:31 am

KOTA BARU: When three-month pregnant Azlizan Nordin was carjacked and
abducted along with her 4-year old daughter for six hours on Saturday,
her main concern was to save her child from suffering the same fate as
Nurin Jazlin Jazimin and Sharlinie Mohd Nashar.

Though scared and terrified that she would die at
the hands of her two abductors, the 28-year-old daughter of prominent
Nordin Batik manufacturer here, said her main fear was that the men
would harm her oldest child.

"I kept praying to God to save us. Now I am praying to God that my unborn
child would be safe too," she said at the family home in Kubang Kerian.

was admitted to a private hospital where she underwent some tests but
the results on the condition of the foetus would only be known next

Of her ordeal, Azlizan said she kept crying and begging
to be released unharmed by talking about her unborn child and her
2-year-old son Ruhi Aqeel, who was still nursing at home.

Despite spending most of the ordeal in the passenger seat of
her Proton Wira with her hands tied behind her back and unable to
comfort her daughter Rania Arisha who was seated on her lap, Azlizan
did not stop begging for her children.

"I kept imagining what happened to Nurin and Sharlinie. I knew they
might kill me and I was prepared to die but I didn't want my daughter
to suffer the same fate as those two girls.

"Maybe it was because of my pregnancy that they did not harm me."

Azlizan said she was about to close the car door after buying packed
food at Wakaf Che Yeh here when a man slipped into the back, pushed a
knife at her and ordered her to drive on. At the time, her daughter was
seated at the back.

"When he told me to stop and move to the
front passenger seat, I grabbed my daughter from the back and tried to
open the door to escape.

"He was still at the back but he grabbed my tudung before pulling my hands around the seat and tying them. It was painful and I couldn't move."

She said the man rifled through her handbag in search of money and
found RM130, a gold bangle and two handphones but demanded her bank ATM

"I told him to ask my father or my husband for money. He
kept threatening to kill me and choked me once when I refused to tell
him about the ATM card," she said

The man drove them to the
Padang Tembak Industrial area near Pengkalan Chepa and a bizarre
journey started, which saw them driving around the area for hours and
filling up petrol at a station, and the arrival of the man's accomplice.

"He untied me but warned me to act normally. I complied as I was worried that he would kill us.

"Luckily, my daughter was quite docile. Though she was crying and fretting, she quietened down after some persuasion."

her family notified the police following her failure to return to their
batik showroom around 11pm, a patrol car spotted the vehicle and gave
chase, forcing it to stop.

In the rescue, Azlizan suffered minor cuts and bruises from the glass shards of the broken windscreen.

"When the police forced the car to stop, we were flung all over the
place but I held my daughter tight to protect her," she said, adding
that she was later taken by her father Nordin Mahmood, 58, to a private
hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, state criminal investigation
chief Assistant Commissioner Mazlan Lazim said the two men, both
soldiers on leave, have been held in remand until tomorrow.

said one was based in Penang while the other at Kem Desa Pahlawan in
Kok Lanas here. Both were warded at Universiti Sains Malaysia Hospital
in Kubang Kerian for injuries sustained during the crash but one was
discharged into police custody yesterday.

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Owh my god! Better be careful out there
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